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Pedestrian Vs. Motor Vehicle – Best Case Scenario

Car Vs. Toe…

On the topic of failure to inform my family of what Podiatrists do and know, I found out that my brother-in-law had a run in with a car, or rather, a car ran over his foot. But, I found this out 7 days after it happened. He asked my wife, the source of all information, whether or not I know anything about trauma, or if I only know about cutting open the foot. Sheesh. You convince someone you perform surgery and then that is the only thing they think about, cutting open the foot…

Well, the answer is yes, the Podiatrist knows about foot and ankle trauma too!

Continuing with the story. His foot was run over by a car, he was in pain, but he didn’t go to the emergency department, although I’m pretty sure that being run over by a car is a reason you should go to the emergency department. I’m not sure that he even called the police to file a report. What a lucky driver, and even luckier insurance company. He continued his evening with a mild limp, essentially as if nothing happened. He wrapped his foot all week, took 800mg Ibuprofen three times a day, and applied an ace wrap on his foot. All this time, the swelling and bruising persisted, as seen in the pictures. He had an entire day with no pain and was walking without a limp. This increased activity came with increased swelling and pain that night, but through all of this, it seems no worse than a bad ankle sprain.

Swollen Foot

By ten days after the injury, I finally had more pictures to work with and a comfort level that even without x-rays or being able to perform a quality physical exam, he will be ok. His sensation is intact, (meaning, he can feel light touch), he can feel his pulses, and he has unimpeded range of motion and full strength. Other than the minor scrape on his shin, swollen foot, and bruised toes, he is fine. All in all, if you’re going to get run over by a car, this is the best case scenario!

Take home points:

1) If you get run over by a car, seek medical care!
2) Icing, Ibuprofen, and ace wrap were a good choice, not seeking care was a bad choice (I don’t count as seeking medical advice)
3) He is lucky to walk away with only swelling. There may be circulation problems 20-30 years in the future due to the excessive swelling, similar to the results of a severe ankle sprain.