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Fracture Care


There are several different types of possible breaks, or fractures, that you can experience in your foot and ankle. Rest assured that our office will treat your injury specifically. We’ll take an x-ray to determine whether the bone is fractured, or bruised.

If the bone is bruised, we’ll put you in a surgical shoe or walking boot. Rest, icing, compression, and elevation of the injured foot or ankle, along with anti-inflammatories will be prescribed until the pain subsides enough for you to return to normal activity.

If the bone is fractured, or broken, we’ll determine the severity of the break, and treat you accordingly.

For a stress fracture, you’ll likely be put in a walking boot or surgical shoe for approximately 4-6 weeks. For oblique or transverse fractures, where the broken ends are close to each other and will heal on their own, you’ll get a walking boot and crutches. More severe fractures require surgical intervention to realign the bone and help heal the break by putting in a pin, plate, or screws.

Make sure to follow all of your podiatrist’s instructions in order to ensure full healing.