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Benjamin Franklin was known to have said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. That is precisely the hallmark of Podiatry Plus.

During an exam with a new patient our doctors will:

  • Evaluate the circulation of the feet
  • Check the skin condition of the feet
  • Examine the bony structures of the feet
  • Perform a diabetic neurological exam evaluation when indicated

If the exam uncovers issues, the patient will be treated properly. If no issues are found, preventative foot care is likely the next step.

At this stage, our doctors will:

  • Trim thin or thick nails
  • Debride fungus nails
  • Reduce corn or callus build up
  • Write and confirm new abnormal findings or orders with nursing

A comprehensive list of services include:

Diabetic Feet

Flat Feet
Fungus Toenails
Geriatric Foot Care

Heel Spurs
Ingrown Toenails

Nail trimming
Plantar Fasciitis

We encourage PREVENTION by educating your staff on the importance of foot INSPECTION when assisting with bathing or dressing. In addition, we regularly schedule periodic EXAMINATIONS to ensure that any new problem identified will be treated quickly, leading to a perfect SOLUTION every time.

Service Features:

Onsite Procedures
In the event a more immediate problem is uncovered, we come prepared to perform complex work. Whether done bedside or in a treatment room, the remedy of small abscesses, infections, and ingrown toenails will all be performed with sterile instrumentation.

Diabetic Foot Care
Diabetics are more prone to extremely serious foot conditions. This is often due to what is known as peripheral neuropathy; a disease of sensation where diabetics may lose “the gift of pain”. One typically doesn’t think of pain as a gift, however, when diabetes robs someone of the ability to feel light or sharp touch they become much more prone to injury, ulcerations, and infections. At Podiatry Plus, our doctors are skilled in the evaluation of diabetic feet and providing the care necessary to keep those residents on their feet.

The Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Program
In an effort to prevent foot ulcers in people with diabetes who are at risk, Medicare will help pay for therapeutic shoes. For those who qualify, Medicare will allow one pair of shoes and up to three pairs of molded innersoles per year. This is a great benefit for many of your residents with Diabetes. The downside is that it also opens a door for Medicare abuse by some providers. Not every diabetic needs therapeutic shoes and not every therapeutic shoe is better than a typical pair of Nikes.

To eliminate this unethical practice, our doctors are NOT incentivized to offer therapeutic shoes. Only a patient’s primary care physician (not their podiatrist) can attest to the need for therapeutic shoes. Once their medical doctor authorizes the need for shoes, our clerical team will refer the patient to one of our affiliate therapeutic shoe companies who facilitates the entire process. We have no financial relationship with the affiliate shoe company and do not profit in any way. Our only concern is knowing that your diabetic residents are being well served.

For more information on the Therapeutic Shoe Program click HERE .

Time of Service Documentation
While electronic medical records has its advantages, it consumes a great deal of time and many doctors aren’t able to input documentation until they’ve left your building. At Podiatry Plus, we complete our progress note at the time of service. If an order is indicated, it will be written, flagged AND reported to your nursing team.

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