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About Us

For over 35 years, Podiatry Plus has been providing podiatric services to nursing homes and retirement communities across the Midwest.

We have a team of warm and friendly podiatrists that work onsite to provide patients with exceptional care, remarkable customer service and uncompromising ethical billing practices.

Our personal approach to foot care means that we not only treat your feet, but we also treat each patient holistically. We establish regular schedules based on your residents’ care cycle and then follow up appropriately. We understand the emotional and physical requirements of your geriatric patients and are experienced in satisfying those needs with kindness and respect. For this reason, and many others, we have a 98% retention rate..

We provide on-site podiatry services....

PLUS+ Patience with patients
PLUS+ Vast experience in long-term care
PLUS+ Predictable regularly scheduled Visits
PLUS+ Medicare and Public Aid compliant

PLUS+ Easily accessible doctors and staff
PLUS+ One doctor dedicated to your facility
PLUS+ Prevention-focused care

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