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Foot Alignment

One of my least favorite learning experiences with vehicles was the importance of alignment. The diagnostic test at $60-70, the wearing out of tires meaning that I probably needed to drop a couple hundred on tires was never pleasant. Just like with your car, alignment of the foot and ankle are important because of the effects the malalignment has on the other parts.

How do your foot and ankle get out of alignment?

Tire Malalignment

Similar with your car’s alignment, a sudden impact, trauma/fracture, normal wear and tear can all cause malalignment. Poor shoes or muscle mechanics all play a role.

Rearfoot Alignment:
Similar to your vehicles alignment, the alignment of the talus and calcaneus affect the surrounding structures. Over time the way the body compensates to misalignment, leads to pathology and pain

These pictures are indicative of misalignment. If you notice that you wear your shoes out unevenly, either on the outside or the inside, you very likely have a problem with alignment, and should talk to a podiatrist, even if you don’t notice any pain. The treatment can be simple, but you should definitely talk to your podiatrist before self-treating. Not treating alignment problems, or treating it incorrectly, can lead to problems, not only with the feet, but with knees and hips. A podiatrist can provide the correct treatment.

Shoe Misalignment

The most common treatment for malalignment is custom orthotic devices, or orthotic inserts, to put in your shoes. After proper treatment, most patients notice that foot, ankle, knee, and hip pain greatly decrease, or become non-existent.