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Because of all the snow I have shoveled this winter, my back has been sending pain signals to let me know to either take it easy, or give it some attention. When I get this type of pain, I’m thankful for Biofreeze. It helps tremendously when I need to manage my minor aches and pains. But, Biofreeze can be used topically for many different aches and pains on the body, not just for the lower back.

Cold winters day

How does Biofreeze work?
There are many types of nerve cells in the body. Some transmit pain signals, others temperature, and others motor signals. Pain signals are transmitted by slower-transmitting C-fibers, while temperature and sensory signals are sent by A-Delta fibers. When Biofreeze is applied to the skin, it gives the sensation of cold, as the active ingredient in Biofreeze, menthol, binds with temperature receptors which block the pain signal. The topical sensation along the A-delta fiber inhibits the signal and block C-fiber transmission. This is called the Gait Control theory or “gaiting.” Basically, your brain receives the “cold” message instead of the “pain” message, alleviating pain, and allowing you to stretch or perform other exercises to help heal the area, or just plain go about your normal day without being hindered by sore muscles.

Biofreeze vs. Ice
During track and field, I used ice to sooth my sore muscles. It was very inexpensive but somewhat inconvenient. Ice requires you to remain stationary while you use it, it can cause skin irritation, stiffness, and ice can decrease blood flow to an area. It’s also messy. Biofreeze has been shown to decrease pain nearly two times as much as ice, is substantially more comfortable, lasts longer than ice, and Biofreeze is generally preferred over ice. Now, Biofreeze can’t be used instead of ice in ALL cases (such as cooling your drinks, reducing swelling from a bumped head, or for post-op swelling management), but is perfect for soothing sore muscles due to exercise, overwork, or straining.

What are the benefits of using Biofreeze for pain relief?
• Biofreeze’s main ingredient is menthol, totally natural and effective
• Topical pain relievers are safer to use than pain relievers you swallow, as thy pose less risk of systemic toxicity or damage to organs.
• #1 recommended topical pain reliever
• It can be used in concert with therapy, exercise programs,
• It can relieve arthritis pain, allowing increased mobility and functioning
• Quick penetration through cold therapy…it works faster than popping a pill
• Cooling effect of menthol…it cools and relieves pain without burning the way ice can

Where do I get it?

Biofreeze is a product that can be purchased from many sources and seems to no longer be a “medical providers only” product. However, you should consult your physician before starting any pain management regimen.

What lower extremity conditions can be alleviated with Biofreeze?
• Achilles Tendonitis
• Arthritis
• Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain)
• Posterior Tibialis Tendonitis
• Shin Splints